What we do

LMQ is a specialist training consultancy with particular expertise in human factors and developing trainers for simulation centres.

We helped Barts Hospital pioneer the first simulation centre in the UK, by developing their faculty and effective processes for running scenarios and debriefing.

How we do it

We will initially work together with a Trust or other healthcare organisation to establish what the issues are and how best they can be addressed. We will then design a programme of training that develops the required skills and also make sure we train an in-house team to take over from us.

In addition we do run public courses that are available for any healthcare practitioner, who wishes to develop their knowledge or skills in our specialist areas.

Healthcare courses

Course details


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Facilitation Skills for Simulation Training

Key skills for managing simulation scenarios.
2 days
On demand
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Patient Safety Training

For practitioners to understand how errors are made and how to prevent them.
2 days
On demand
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Human Factors Principles and Practices Course

Understanding the science of human factors and developing the skills to reduce error and improve civility.
1 day
Developed with the Trust team
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